Understanding Web Hosting

If you have already built yourself a website, you likely have heard about web hosting, but do you really understand what web hosting is? Obviously, you know you have to use a host for your site, but how can you determine if you are using the right hosting company and are using the best one for your site? We will help you with figuring some of that out in this article.

web-hosting-header-imageWhen you choose a web hosting company, fight the temptation to accept a free domain registration from them. Many times, these startups go out of business after a short while and don’t always give you notice in enough time to get your stuff moved. You can’t get your information from them if they are no longer in business.

If you want diversity for your IP address, you can use several web hosting providers. There are many reasons this is a good idea, one of which so you can pad your security. There are many ways you can host on multiple hosts. A quick internet search will give you more information on this. I personally like to have one host that is local and then one somewhere else. When I moved to Rochester, MN with my business, finding a local web host company was the first thing on my agenda.

If you sell things off your site and want to use software for a shopping cart, it is imperative to ensure it is compatible with the web host you are using. If you have a good web host, they will most likely support things like executable files, dynamic content, and web scripting. Each of these features provide alternate ways for your customers to interact with you online.

Now that you are a little more informed on what web hosting is, it should be easier for you to find the right web hosting company for your business. Regardless of which company you are looking at using, be sure to read the reviews their customers have left them. This will give you a good sense of the company and how they treat their customers.



Author: Ethan Ryan