Using a Blog for Your Business

These days, more and more people are starting up their own blog. Whether it’s for their own personal stuff or their business, many new blogs are created each day. There are things to consider, though, if you want your blog to be successful. Hopefully the information in this article will help you get on the right road towards a successful blog for your business.

qbeats-blog-post-how-does-qbeats-integrate-with-wordpressAfter you have created a blog, add a blogroll to it. This is a list of other people’s blogs that you find valuable within your own niche. Not only will this add a lot of value to your readers, but they will come to you more often when they need to find content, even if it isn’t specifically on your own blog. A blogroll with also grow your marketplace credibility if you use your blog for marketing.

For your comment section, you will want to use a good spam filter. Many companies will require someone to register before leaving a comment. If you do this, a CAPTCHA that is on the registration page will typically keep the spammers at bay. If you choose to allow people to comment anonymously, you will want to use the advanced CAPTCHA that asks them questions before they can leave the comment. Never use a program like Akismet because they end up giving too many false positives and you still get spam.

You will want to figure out what size post will work for you. Take into consideration your time, habits, and skills. You will need to experiment with this a bit to find what works. Try writing some posts that are 700-800 words, then try some that are a couple thousand words. Which one works best for the information you want to get out? Find what works best for your needs and your style of writing.

You will need to be a good read to become a good writer. Become an expert in what you’re writing about by reading other blogs, books, and magazines on the subject matter. Then read your own post from the standpoint of a site visitor. This will help you to see if you need to make changes to your style of writing.

As stated before, blogging can seem to be a simple thing to do when you first get started. There is a lot of information for you to share about your business. Use the ideas here in this article to get you writing things that will draw readers in to your blog and keep them interested.



Author: Ethan Ryan